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Croquade, the Belgian heritage for all food lovers

Philosophy is to sell robust and simple product of a professional quality

We set out to offer our customers exceptional products, inspired by Belgium’s culinary heritage, namely fries and waffles. Today, our products are way ahead of the competition thanks to their reliability, durability and user-friendliness. Did you know that over a million of our fifty-year old waffle maker have been sold on the Belgian market alone (a country roughly the size of New York City)? With its interchangeable hot plates, it is a unique product that makes it possible to whip up several styles of waffles (including “giant” Brussels waffles).

50 years of passion and innovation


Incorporation of Frifri in Switzerland as manufacturer of PROFESSIONAL deepfryer

Late 70's

Denis Dalcq starts to develop deepfryers with the cool zone concept for household based on the Swiss reknown technology


Creation of the household cool zone deepfryer under the brand Frifri and commercialized by Dalcq s.a.. The new models are designed, built and assembled in Belgium in a small village close to Brussels


Strong development of the brand that will position itself as the reference and clear Belgian leader on the deepfryer category


Bankruptcy of Nova Electro International which was the reference in wafflemaker in Belgium and part of the Belgian culinary heritage

Years 2000

Continuous improvement of the products to make them the most reliable and simple products: power of 3200 W, command pannel without button, easy dismantling, quality materials


A new management team (Gautier Rouyer and Sébastien Frédérich) comes on board with a clear ambition to further develop the product line through on-going innovation and exports to share the Belgian culinary heritage with the world.


Frifri is chosen as Reader’s Digest trusted brand of Belgium, a well-deserved recognition of the quality of its products.


Frifri international brand is rebaptized Croquade. Croquade is a mix of the two words “ballade” (Middle-Age song in France) and “croquant” (“crunchy” in French) to highlight the nice noisy sensation made when eating crunchy products cooked with these wonderful Belgian fryers.