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La Chocolatière Essential Black

The essential kit has everything chocolate amateurs need to create their first Belgian chocolates. The domestic tempering machine comes with different accessories.

La Chocolatière tempering machine
5 pastry bags
1 unique mold
1 digital thermometer
1 long pastry spatula
1 recipe book

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LaChocolatière is the easy and complete equipment to prepare chocolates at home. Everything is included to make your home chocolate workshops with your loved ones a success on the very first try. Cooking your own chocolates is now a piece of cake!


A glossy praline, dipping your finger in melted chocolate, the fragrance of cocoa, crunching a tablet, the taste of a Belgian praline... Chocolate is a delight for all the senses, especially when you make it yourself. Welcome to the mesmerizing world of chocolatiers!


With LaChocolatière, you will easily master the art of chocolate, discover the technical Belgian know-how of pralines and freely express your creativity by inventing your own recipes with your kids. Our technology is simple and fun. Everyone can be a chef chocolatier!


With LaChocolatière, you will make unique gifts to your loved ones: delightful little boxes of homemade chocolates. Actually, it is much more than chocolate, it is the Belgian culinary heritage that you will offer. And also share on the Internet with your own recipes!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Chocolate machine
Power 120 watts
Volume 3 L
Dimension 145 x 310 mm
Thermostat 27°C -52°C
Warranty 2 years warranty
Includes La Chocolatière tempering machine, 5 pastry bags, 1 unique mold, 1 digital thermometer, 1 long pastry spatula, 1 recipe book
Made in Belgium